The Clinic In A Case is an extraordinary, MET modality unique to the TENS Unit and other Electrotherapy modalities including Frequency Specific Micro-current Therapy (FSMT). The CIAC ‘mutiple thousand’, low frequency technology has a 3 treatment delivery system to simulate the body’s natural electrical viability, enabling speedy recovery from injury, immediate noticeable skin rejuvenation, and a host of overall health benefits. Comparison below indicates significant differences between a TENS unit and The CIAC.

John Milovich AP, ND, LMT Space Age Technology, a patented, 3 treatment delivery system of The Clinic In A Case; Body Balance, Energize for Wellness and Auto Sweep.



Tens Unit The Clinic In A Case
Strength of Current Uses Milliamps Uses Microamps, excepted more readily by the body.
Pain Relief Blocks transmission of pain carrying c nerve fibres Stimulates rejuvenation of damaged tissue
Effectiveness 40 to 50% 85% plus
Erase of Application Requires coordination, dexterity to adjust dials Involves only touch, probe or patch to treatment area
Side Effects High output may cause cell electrolysis Possible cell detoxification may cause nausea, adequate hydration is a remedy. Also may cause slight skin redness that may last up to ten minutes.
Sensation Tingling to Throbbing Below sensory threshold
Post Treatment Once treatment stops no residual benefits Bioelectrical changes even after treatment stops