Microcurrent Electrical Therapy, (MET) trend began in the Golden Eighties era, when Icon athletes, Joan Benoit (Samuelson), 1984 Olympic Gold Medalist, Carl Lewis, Mary Decker Slaney and NFL great, Joe Montana, just to name a few, all made exceptional comebacks from injury using MET. Since that time, MET technology and design has improved, hence the arrival of The Clinic In A Case.

Today, we are seeing more professional sports trainers gain a competitive edge opting for Microcurrent Therapy, as in the case with the Chicago Whitesox, and many others, namely The N.Y. Mets, Oakland Raiders, L.A. Rams, San Francisoc 49ers, Philaelphia Eagles, and Magic Johnson, formerly of The L.A. Lakers have all used Micorcurrent Therapy succesfully in rehabilitation.

Microcurrent Therapy technologically advancements and enhanced versatility found in The Clinic In A Case will have a significant impact on the future of Sports rejuvenation, recovery and rehabilitation within the next 2 to 3 years. Sports rejuvenation, similar to the emphasis now placed on post stretching exercises and post game, Ice Therapy to reduce lactic acid and soreness, will take on a different presence in future practices. For the athlete, The Clinic In A Case while sidelined, or during intermission, can stimulate blood flow, reduce inflammation, lactic-acid, and restore energy, thereby presenting a ‘competitiive edge’. The Clinic In A Case would bring any team up to speed with technological advancement in sports rejevenation and rehabilitation. As we now witness teams like the Chicago Whitesox and many others being revitalized when they come out of the game with Microcurrent Therapy.

Comprehensive sports recovery is of paramount importance due to increase demand for short recovery and high performance. In just 15 minutes or slightly longer, The Clinic In A Case can restore an athlete at the cellular level. Its portability makes it a highly attractive and effective modality to use on the sidelines and in locker rooms throughout the world as no other practice, therapy or device can bring greater effective results in less amount of time.

Where science and technology meet is what The Clinic In A Case was built upon to have an impact on sports rehabilitation, rejuvenation and post surgery therapy. As a viable, cost efficient option to evasive, surgery and lingering pain, The Clinic In A Case is the ultimate alternative. On the cusp of a new trend, The Clinic In A Case will become a staple modality in every athletic trainer’s kit extension- like the hydro-collator is today.